Brady Family & Cosmetic Dentistry


Our office offers 3 levels of cosmetic bleaching:

ZOOM as seen on ABC's Extreme Makeover, Zoom is used as a "jump start." It is an effective method to shorten the overall bleaching time required and sometimes eliminates it altogether.

Custom bleaching trays, which are made from impressions taken in the office, are worn at home by the patient. They are inserted 1-2 times a day for about 30-45 minutes for at least two weeks.

The Professional Crest Bleaching Strips are only offered in the dental office. A great introduction to bleaching at an affordable cost.

Three great ways to brighten your smile!

If you are interested in a bright, white smile that offers confidence and beauty, then teeth whitening is a great option for you.

If you have any questions about bleaching, please contact us at 704.321.0414.