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Composite, or tooth colored fillings, are the most aesthetically appealing choice for fillings. They are mostly used in small to midsize restorations, where there is less chewing pressure. They are free of Mercury and are the most commonly recommended and chosen restorative material in our office.


Porcelain restorations are becoming more popular for medium to large size fillings as an alternative to amalgam and prior to placement of a full coverage material such as a crown. They are a little more expensive but very durable.


Amalgam fillings are a great choice for patients who need large restorations in the back of the mouth and already have existing amalgam in a tooth. They are of great use because they can withstand very high chewing loads. Dr. Brady may suggest this as an option because back molars receive a lot of chewing stress. It is also very useful in primary (baby) teeth which will eventually exfoliate (fall out) as a less expensive alternative.
There has been some concern about the mercury level in amalgam restorations. Many health professionals including the ADA and NIH have deemed that amalgam is safe and reliable for dental use. If this is still a concern than other options are available.


Gold is still considered the “gold” standard in materials due to it’s excellent durability and marginal integrity. However, aesthetically it is one of the least chosen.